Peas ‘n’ Broccoli

My son just loves peas ‘n’ broccoli, in fact he can’t get enough of it so that was on my high list of priorities to grow.

The peas started off really well. Yes I admit maybe I put to many into the container but they were doing really well. ‘Were’ being the important part as a couple of weeks ago I was away on a business trip and upon my return they had been decimated by snails. I think the lil buggers must have seen me packing and thought ‘we are so in here’

I decided to let them carry on and see what happened and to my surprise this morning when I checked I have quite a few pods.

I am really surprised with this and hope that over the next week or so (I have no idea) I start to see them swell up and have that green gorgeous pea inside. I’ve counted between 20-25 pods so I’m going to have everything crossed that I can at least get one meal out of it for my son – who has yet to try anything I’ve grown (grrrrrrrrrr I just wish he would try some but that’s another story)

You can see some of the damage that the snails left and if you go lower then it get’s much worse.

Another thing I’ve noticed is everyone else grows their pea up a net. I had no idea that you were supposed to do it like this so that’s another note stored for next year.

Onto the broccoli (Ironman) these really are coming on fantastic (as far as I know) even though they are growing at a weird shape. I’ve no idea (again – starting to sound boring this) as to what stage they are at but I imagined them to not be as tall as they are but more to the ground and possibly wider.

They are all looking healthy and in total I have 4 containers, 3 larger ones which have 4 in and a slightly smaller that contains 3. So far these have been snail free apart from one which something has had a chew on but that’s a lower leaf and hasn’t effected the plant. Next year I will have to invest in some kind of slug repellent for sure.


Carrots – Well they look like carrots

The first of my carrots are finally here….Hmmmm

I sowed some nantes on the 6th April and I’ve been keeping a close eye on these over the last week. Surely they are ready by now (either that or it’s another fail to add to the list) so this morning I took the plunge and decided to pick a few.

I went with what I thought were the 3 largest ones and the disappointment on my face would have been obvious. Here they are:

OK the picture doesn’t really show off what  I mean but they are a lot smaller than I imagined them to be. The largest one (on top) is only 4.5″ long and none of them are as thick as I expected them to be.

Maybe this is how they should look I really don’t know and will need to spend time looking on the net but having had a quick look the majority don’t look like these (ok a few do but were they wrong as well or am I being to self critical?)

I have left the rest in and plan to leave them for a while longer, mainly as they look smaller but also to see if I can improve on these.

Having said that don’t get me wrong they look healthy and are most definitely edible which for my first attempt is great but I guess I was just hoping for so much more, Let’s see what the rest bring and of course I do have the Amsterdam Forcing I sowed a few weeks backs as well.

I will do another update (wow maybe 3 in 1 day) on the rest of whats going on but if not maybe I’ll get that done tomorrow as I’m sure you all can’t wait to hear about what else has gone wrong (teaser alert😉 )

Golden Potatoes

You’ll have to excuse me but I’ll be completing 2 posts today as I want to keep this one seperate.

Last weekend, it was my parents Golden Wedding anniversary and fortunately for us, the weather held off for the bbq we had arranged for them. I had decided to empty my last bag of potatoes so we could use themwith the salad that we were preparing. Unfortunately I have no pictures of the cooked product but here they are having  just been ‘picked from the ground’

Wow – Look at these beauties. They came in at just very slightly over 3lb which I am very very pleased with. I did have a few really small ones but too be honest I think I got this bag spot on.

The bonus was everyone tried some at the bbq and I think everyone really enjoyed them. I do plan to complete an overview on my first year later on in the year but I definately plan to grow more that the 3 test bags I did but for the moment let’s leave that there.

Oh – and hope you had a great day mamaaaaaaaa and pops, 50 years (I have no idea how he’s done that so well done Dad!!!!! hahaha)


Wind, Wind and more Wind

It’s been a tough week in the garden and the main problem has been the strong winds we’ve been encountering (particularly for the potatoes)

Unfortunately, even though I had staked them, the haulms have snapped, broken and are dying off really quick. With that in mind I decided to have a ‘furtle’ around one and based on that I decided to empty a bag. The result was ok, I could have probably waited another week or two but with the damage and not knowing what happens in this case I thought it best.

This lot, believe it not came in at just under 2lb so whilst that’s OK, I’m annoyed about the damage as I’m sure I would have ended up with nearer 3lb. Still they look great and I can’t wait to eat them.

I have one bag left which did not suffer as much damage, so whilst a couple of haulms have snapped I will keep them in for as long as I can in the hope for a bumper crop.

Another victim has been the Ironman and even though I had firmed them in well, the wind had actually ripped 3 out so they are lost. Fortunately I had kept 5 back in pots just in case some didn’t take so they are now in situ. Having left them it was amazing to see the root system that has developed so I’m really looking for great things from these. I have also made the decision to move them back under cover whilst we have the high winds and hopefully they can get a bit stronger whilst under there.

The peas are coming on well and my carrots are near enough ready (I think) so a couple more weeks for them and I will pull them. They were sown just over 70 days ago so what maybe another 3 more weeks (I have no idea but I think between 12-14 weeks should be about right – can anyone confirm that?)

Finally, for this post onto my chilli, which I haven’t shown as of yet. I did post here a while back that I thought I had left it too late and my suspicions I think were correct. I am going to try to see if I can get them moving on a bit but at worst, I can see how far they get so I know for next year.

As you can see, I think they should much bigger that what they currently are but fingers crossed and with some great weather (yeah OK that’s not going to happen is it) I may get lucky.

May Overview

So there goes another month and to say it was a busy one is an understatement. Having said that looking at what I am growing and seeing what everyone else (whose blogs I read) I’m not even scratching the surface so how you all fit it in is beyond me.

First up to show you are my daughters peas. They are coming on well in the container and are at the stage where I need to build the cane wigwam for them to grow up so that’s my next job on the pea front.

The radish too are also coming on and as you can see I sowed quite a few in here (boriscat if you are reading this definitely get some of these in, your kids will love to see them grow and they come on really quick and are easy to grow. I’m growing Cherry Belle Radish)

The broccoli (Ironman) have now been placed into their final container. I am a bit concerned with the wind as already they are starting to lean (purely down to the wind) and I’ve ended up with 15 plants. I do have 5 left over but if I’m honest getting all these containers is proving expensive and with the other ‘alf having been made redundant I can’t afford anymore. The other concern I have is have I got enough space between each one. I’ve 3 larger containers with 4 in and a smaller one with 3 in. I can’t change it now so I guess we’ll see how they do and at worst I will have slightly smaller heads.

I really need these to work as my son lives on this so to be able to have him eat this and say ‘Dad – that’s yum’ will really make my day. Well we all eat it so I am really hoping for a bumper harvest from this little lot😉

And here’s the other pic of them;

As regular readers will now, I kinda mucked up with the charlotte potatoes and pulled them far too early. What I have left is a bag with Orla and a bag with Swift.

My problem is my little stick which had what was in what bag have either slipped down or just somehow vanished so I have no idea what one is what haha!!!! So I’m just going to have to wait and see what flowers first (I would expect it to be the Swift – I think) and wing it. Next year I need to make sure I hang a label on the outside instead of inside.

The beetroot requires one more session of ‘thinning’ and then I just have to play the waiting game. I’ve no idea if they are where they need to be but growth is good….it’s happening so I will work on the basis that something is happening which is all for the good.

So there you have it…… there’s May’s update. Oh the carrots seem to be coming along but I’m still not sure anything is growing underneath the soil. I don’t know why but looking at them I just don’t feel confident that I have carrot there, fingers crossed on the carrot front.

So what do you think of the pictures? My camera had run out of battery so I nicked my daughters camera and took them with that – Hope she doesn’t mind hehehe!!!!


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